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About Engineering Development

The Student Engineers' Council Engineering Development Committee works to help develop and inform freshmen engineers at Texas A&M University about opportunities both within the college and in industry upon graduation. This is done through Industry Nights, Speaker Series Seminars, and Department Information (DI) Saturday.

Industry Nights are opportunities for freshmen engineering students to learn about different sectors of the engineering industry from professionals from a wide variety of companies. Speaker Series Seminar is another opportunity that can foster academic interest in research and graduate studies from professors conducting high-level research at Texas A&M University.

DI Saturday is an event in both the Fall and Spring semesters which provides freshmen engineering students the opportunity to hear from professors and students in the different engineering majors at Texas A&M University. This event is designed to help freshmen engineering students learn more about engineering majors offered at Texas A&M before applying through the Entry-to-a-Major (ETAM) process.

All freshmen engineering students are required to attend one Industry Night or Speaker Series Seminar and DI Saturday each semester. The objective of these events is to guide freshmen engineers in the major selection process, as well as inform them about career opportunities.

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DI Saturday

Students should check their emails for a registration form link

Industry Night/Speaker Series




Go to the SEC Registration Hub, select an Engineering Deveopment Event with available spots and fill out the registration form. We look forward to seeing you there!

Industry Night/Speaker Series


Industry Night/Speaker Series


DI Saturday

Students should check their emails for a registration form link!